Ready? Set? GO!

Oh man! I’m third in line on the Museum’s organizational chart so I’m holding down the fort — our office secretary and Assistant Director are off participating in some Amazing Race challenge somewhere on the University grounds, and I’m rattling around here by myself.

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The politics of sex.

I said in a previous post that I’d say a few more things about men who tell you that “Of course we’ll still be friends even if I don’t get to have wild, mind-blowing, fuck-of-a-lifetime sex with you. Of course.”


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Wherein miranoriel returns from the dominions of the unrelenting.

A friend of mine has had a breakthrough (or at least I think so). chaote9 posted something on his blog that distills some of my major life beliefs; visit the dominions of the unrelenting and savor his mind. Be sure to check out 9. So good. There’s also a link to his fiction blog at the right bar. My favorite one so far is Sigil.

You’re brilliant, puppy dog. Except for the “ayt”. Kisses.


Sliding out of bed, bleary-eyed, to turn the desktop on and reconnect to the world after 3 hours of sleep requires strong coffee immediately afterwards.

Random thoughts as I swim up to the surface of consciousness, on a Monday when I need to leave an hour earlier because of some stupid law that will prohibit cars ending in the same number as mine from being on the road from 7am to 7pm tonight:

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What’s your French name? :)

I love my French name. What’s yours? 😀

Your French Name is:
Adora Bodin
What’s Your French Name?

Sweet sleepy thoughts on a Sunday.

It’s raining. On a lazy Sunday afternoon.

What I’d give to be in my favorite spot: tucked in close to my lover’s shoulder, his arms around me, our breathing slow and easy. There’s no safer, happier place, because we’re each other’s comfort zone. We love watching each other sleep, and when we both doze off, there’s nothing more wonderful than to wake and see him smiling gently when I open my eyes.

Oh wait — there is something more wonderful. When I wake to see him smiling at me, and he tells me that he loves me.


The PodCentral January meet yesterday at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) at Greenbelt 3 was a huge success! We had the largest turnout ever; Podders overran the elevated seating area at CBTL, and it was a delight to see some new faces, and a lot of the old ones as well.

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For Pete Wygle.

Hey, Pete. Been a while since we talked.

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For keeps. Wow.

The Nameless Wonder treated me to a sinfully rich demitasse of hot chocolate last night after work.

We were talking about us, and he told me he wanted me around.

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Why I love the Nameless Wonder.

Sometimes I wonder if he’s even human — this brilliant, generous, funny, unbelievably patient, genteel, kind and dizzyingly desirable man who loves me and is always there for me, and will never let go, and whom I shall refer to henceforth as the Nameless Wonder, for reasons only he and I understand. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent, though I believe one or two people may have tumbled to his real identity by now. 😉

Read the rest of this entry » January meet will be holding its January meet on Saturday, January 28, 2006 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, at the ground floor, Greenbelt 3, Makati.

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A post for Kyle.

Whoever said chocolate eases heartache was lying.

I’m sorry.

Please, come on home. This house is so empty and cold without you.

I’ll be sitting on the porch, waiting for you. I left a light on, so you could find your way home. I’ll wait, no matter how long it takes. Because I love you.

Happy birthday, Dad.

Today is my Dad’s birthday.

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Hi. My name is miranoriel. I’ll be your Instrument of Karma today.

Aside from my regular job, I do voice-over work, mainly for live events — corporate and product launches, promotional events, that kind of stuff — and audio-video presentation (AVP) work.

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Craving a crepe.

I’m ravenous. Stayed up late last night, got up late today, and I’m dying for a Nutella crepe. All that sweet and creamy chocolate, oozing in and around a fresh, warm, crispy crepe skin. Mmmm… Kinda messy to eat though. You get chocolate all over your fingers…

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