Once more, with feeling.

This blog springs from the mind of an extremely neurotic, confused, emotional, very human, geeky, polyamorous, obsessive-compulsive individual. This will explain a lot in the days to come.

The last thing I thought I’d ever do was start a blog. Aside from being all of the above, I am also more than a little paranoid about strewing little bits and pieces of myself all over cyberspace, but then I’m learning at this stage in my life that I need to do things I always said I wouldn’t do, if only for the experience, and because life’s too damned short. Except maybe eat squid.

So welcome. People tell me that having me around makes them feel that I should have the phrase “Get In. Sit Down. Shut Up. Hang On.” tattooed on my forehead as a warning to folks of a more conservative disposition, but isn’t that what the biohazard tattoo on my butt is for?

Oh, this is gonna be good. 😀

This was the opening entry to my previous blog. The sentiment holds, and I hope you have as much fun as I will with the stuff that will make it in here. 🙂
There’s a few other entries I need to migrate here from my old blog, but I’ll find time to do that soon, if not today.

Why Instrument of Karma? It is what I am, just as you are. We are all messengers of the divine, but what you send out will most assuredly return to you threefold, one way or another, good and bad. Everything happens for a reason, and the people we meet and how our relationships work out with them are but the means by which the universe balances our existence.

Maybe I’ll get around to explaining this more deeply sometime. Meantime, welcome, and leave your prejudices, preconceived notions, and judgements at the door. If you’re a conservative, strait-laced, and staunchly religious person, you may want to check out another person’s thoughts. I work at not judging others, in the hope that I won’t be judged in turn.


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