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Friday, 7. October 2005, 00:23:44
I am a moderator for, the online community for Filipino iPod owners. It’s a great community — relatively new, in terms of online device fora here, but we’re already pretty strong.

So last night I went to a meeting with Microwarehouse, the authorized reseller of iPod products in the Philippines. They also happen to be the site sponsor for, and man, they give good lovin’. It so happened that only a couple of staff members (myself and the absolutely lovely supermod freelancer) were able to make it, and one of our members, mobileman, was there too. So we are the only three people who got the swag from the meeting: a long black umbrella with “iPod” stenciled on it in silver. Oooh.

Aside: I’ve wanted to get myself a long black umbrella for the longest time. I despise those dinky, pointless, mostly floral or stripey FOLDING umbrellas. Ech. Long black umbrellas, on the other hand, are so… British. Love ’em. Must be the phallic undertones.

Anyway, so much is in the works, and I’m just so glad to be part of it. We’re very lucky that the folks at MWH are totally behind us, but give the community free rein 99% of the time. So the community flourishes on its own, but whenever we need help with anything, MWH is so THERE. I wish I could write about all the stuff that’s coming down the pipe, but I’d preempt a lot of it, so I’ll just post when things are all final. All in all, a very satisfying meeting, if I do say so myself.

Bottom line: a lot of work, in very little time. Agh.

Time to roll up those sleeves and get crackin’.


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