Woman of appetite.

So. I’ve finally gotten everything in place. I think. This blogging thing really sucks you in, if you allow it to! 😀

To things of less importance: a droolsome young man was in my office today. I’m talking verrrry cute. Tall, not too lean, with a lopsided grin and eyeglasses. Did I mention the lopsided grin? Hmm. Appetizing, but not quite totally edible. Unfortunately, he was most definitely younger than I. Graduating from college this year, he’s that young. Not to say I’m ancient — I’m only 32. But I’ve never understood the “younger man” thing. Maybe it’s a stage I haven’t gotten to yet, but so far I’ve been totally immune. Sure, a cute guy will definitely turn my head, but I’d never take someone younger than myself seriously.

I’ve always been partial to the company of people older than I am. My ex-husband is 6 years older, and so is my partner in crimes against humanity and rival for world domination. I prefer to be with people I can learn things from, rather than take the role of teacher. I’m impatient, and it doesn’t suit my temperament. The natural urge to transmit information manifests differently in me — I work in a museum, and my other blog recounts the story of the Santo Tomas Internment Camp. That’s how I satisfy the human need to share knowledge.

Besides, I’m a submissive.

To return to the appetizing young man, well, he was severely cute, I’ll say that. And I’m glad that he brightened my day — thank you, Powers That Be. However, I’m already intoxicated with happiness where I am, so I’ll definitely pass on the tasty snack.

This here plate is full.


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