Join the Generosity Game. Pay it forward. Change the world.

Do a good deed today.

Just do something nice for someone you know. Even better, do something nice for someone you don’t know. Maybe you’ll infect them with the kindness virus, and they’ll be inspired to do something nice for another stranger.

This is what some people call “paying it forward”; random acts of anonymous kindness. The phrase “pay it forward” comes from a novel of the same title, written by Catherine Ryan Hyde. She talks about the movement that grew out of her novel here.

But please, if you feel like you need to receive credit for what you do, then either refrain from doing it, or just charge money. Or join politics so you can put up billboards that say “This project is being done through the efforts of…” and plaster your name all over, in three-foot tall letters, just so the world knows that it OWES you.

If you really want to make a difference, do a good deed, then vanish. The good vibes you’ll leave in your wake will ripple out and maybe one day return to you.

Join the Generosity Game. Infect others with the generosity virus, and make a difference. Visit the Pay It Forward Foundation and find out how easy it is to do your little bit to change the world. 🙂


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