Got a little tied up.

Kink, when done with a partner you absolutely trust, can be extremely satisfying. Even if my lover isn’t as much into bondage as I am, he indulges me and always succeeds in driving me insane with pleasure.

This is because he knows what I need and won’t hesitate to give it. His imagination and inventiveness are limitless, and it pleases him to see me totally lost in ecstasy that is entirely his doing. I’m never afraid, because I know I’m totally safe when we play. He takes pleasure in my pleasure, and it pleases me to please him. So I submit, he does with me what he likes, and it’s always an incredible give-and-take experience between two people who love each other.

Then when it’s over, as he gently loosens my bonds, he kisses me and whispers, “I love you.” So generous. So loving. An amazing human being, is my lover.

I only hope the rope marks don’t fade away too quickly. I love seeing them there.  They remind me that, though we will never speak of commitment, I know with whom I belong.


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