Reality bites.

Can you say pissed beyond belief?

When the one person you go out of your way to be absolutely, totally honest with accuses you of having some ulterior motive, and then will go so far as to hint that you actually know it but aren’t saying or won’t admit it, that’s asking for trouble.

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it was thought of me. I’m hurt beyond my capability to express how badly.

Please let me know if you're the artist, so I can credit you. Thanks. Your work says it all.
All I wanted was to make things easier between us, so he wouldn’t have to deal with so much from me, but I felt like I was accused of cooking up a huge rigmarole of a drama for some secret reason even I am at a loss to figure out.

I thought he had a higher opinion of me than that. What shabby treatment from one who claims to love me. He refused to let me drift away to a safer, less emotionally turbulent distance, but then turned around and shoved me away.

How… cruel.


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