Immortal. Beloved.

I said nothing lasts.

He said some things last long enough to matter. Like the pyramids.

I hate it when he’s right.

The trouble with finding the person who is your absolute perfect match is that when things go south, the pain is unbearable. And when you happen to be two halves of one brain, plus the same flavor of stubborn, that makes for one serious Mexican standoff.

Good thing I love him madly. Even better thing, that he actually manages to outdo me in the stubborn department, and refuses to let go when I want to run away and hide. I’ve never known a more tenacious person. Or I just haven’t been loved so much.

It’s so nice to be needed.

It’s even nicer to be loved — “very, very, very much,” — and by this one particular person whose brilliant, beautiful mind runs in an uncannily similar wavelength to mine (you should see the instant messaging transcripts — it gets creepy!), whose passion is more than a match for mine, and is… almost me, but male, and without the stiletto heels and naughty undergarments. 😀

Sigh. When will I stop being afraid that this isn’t going to work? I hate hurting him, and it kills him to hurt me. Goals: let go of the fear that I love him too much, accept the truth of how much he does love me, and quit breaking his heart by drifting away when things get difficult for me.

Easier said than done, but I love him enough to do it. Soon as the dull throbbing ache from the things we said yesterday goes away.


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