For keeps. Wow.

The Nameless Wonder treated me to a sinfully rich demitasse of hot chocolate last night after work.

We were talking about us, and he told me he wanted me around.

For keeps.

It took my breath away, because I’d quit believing in having people around “for keeps”. Nobody is around forever, and nothing lasts, really. All you have is now, and life is too damned short.

I went through a very dark time, and there is still so much to endure and rebuild, but the Nameless Wonder is an incalculably patient man. He keeps chipping away at my trauma, and refuses to quit. The security of my defense mechanism of believing that there’s no such thing as forever has been breached, and he has entrenched himself quite irremoveably and simply waits while I heal.

So okay, some things do last long enough to matter. And some people do stick around, no matter what. I never expected it to be him, though — mainly because he and I have no expectations of one another, so everything we bring to the table is a wonderful surprise. What is here is enough, and I’ve been given more than I could ever have hoped for. I didn’t think I’d ever hear those words from anyone again, and hearing them from him…

I did ask him why, and I laughed my head off when he looked at me, genuinely puzzled that I didn’t get how someone like him could love me so much and said, “Well, just look at you!”

Now, that, ladies and gents, may just be the greatest compliment I have ever received in my entire life. 😀

I had to check whether I had an extra appendage growing out of my forehead that may have been the crucial element for him to want to give me so much of himself. I’m not the prettiest thing, nor am I a svelte, model-licious hottie. However, I am glad that the man I want to be with for keeps as well sees me for everything I am, and loves what he sees.

For keeps.


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