Go PodCentral.ph!

The PodCentral January meet yesterday at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) at Greenbelt 3 was a huge success! We had the largest turnout ever; Podders overran the elevated seating area at CBTL, and it was a delight to see some new faces, and a lot of the old ones as well.

Everyone registered and received their meet nametags, which came in handy as they claimed the 10% discount CBTL offered PodCentral members. I really loved the look of this meet’s nametags — I always base them on iPods, and this one was a black 5G. It sported the site’s brand new logo on the clickwheel, and every member’s avatar and username in the display, like having a song with album art playing. I wasn’t able to finish them yesterday, so my lover was kind enough to let me use his printer to make the rest of them — he even helped me trim off the corners and apply double-sided adhesive! Being loved by someone who enjoys mindless manual labor just as much as I do and is content to work in companionable silence by my side is such a blessing…

charlie of Digital Walker came by early on to drop off some of the terrific prizes for the raffle: black, white and hot pink Sumajin SyncWraps (think giant SmartWrap, for your sync cable — cool!), and three fabulous digital camera/portable device cases. Digital Walker has very special activities in store just for PodCentral, so we can’t wait for those announcements!

Our own aneria, who was lucky enough to attend MacWorld San Francisco 2006, brought back iFace adhesive nano skins for the back of the nano, and gave every nano-owning Podder present an entire sheet of stickers. Awesome. She also gave me a blue Belkin smartwrap-type thingy. It’s softer and… squooshier… than the original Sumajins, being made of something like a very dense foam-like material. I’ll talk about it at length in a separate post, since I like it so much! Plus, the closet Mac-whore that I am, I snagged her last Apple sack, which she used to carry all the swag from MWSF back. Ahhh… Apple. Equals. Temptation.

Anyway, after everyone introduced themselves, super moderator MiKo and yours truly presented a short presentation about Microwarehouse’s Apple of my i photography contest and the changes in PodCentral’s look, logo, new fora and some stats.

Significantly, Podders discussed the “edit” function that got modified in the process of updating the site. After the update, everyone noticed that the “edit” button had disappeared, and we all wanted to know what happened. Originally set for 15 minutes, Podders reached a consensus that a 30-minute time window to edit your own post is good enough. To make it very clear: you have 30 minutes immediately after you post an entry to edit it. After the time limit has expired, you will be unable to edit further. Which will be good mental discipline for us all, I suppose — think before you post, and go over your content before you commit it to cyberspace.

Unfortunately, our membership cards didn’t make yesterday’s distribution date. With good reason: apparently they had already been produced, but the quality was so poor that they were returned to the supplier to redo.

Before anyone bursts a blood vessel, let’s put things in perspective here: the membership cards are back in production so that we get a good, high-quality card and not the unacceptable first run the supplier made. Technical difficulties beyond our control merely delayed the release of the cards, and we will get them eventually — quite possibly within this week. Personally, I’m glad Microwarehouse didn’t stint on the quality of the cards, and I hope we get them really soon!

Besides, to be blunt about it, the community is getting the membership cards for FREE. From a site that doesn’t charge us anything for membership. I mean, the privileges we get from membership are above and beyond what I ever expected when we started out. So I don’t mind waiting, not at all.

After the announcements, it was time for the raffle! Aside from the great stuff from Digital Walker, our site sponsor, Microwarehouse, gave us three gorgeous iPod umbrellas, as well as three US$15 iTunes Music Store prepaid cards! Darn, I didn’t win anything this time! Oh well. Got a nano for Christmas, so I guess I’ll hold my peace.

I’m so happy. The members are really amazing. It’s the members that make the community, and whether we’re oldtimers or newbies, what’s important is that we continue to help each other make this the best online community for Filipino iPod owners! We’ve got some amazing things in store for PodCentral members this first quarter of 2006, so here’s to the terrific start of a new year!

Mabuhay ang PodCentral.ph!


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