Sliding out of bed, bleary-eyed, to turn the desktop on and reconnect to the world after 3 hours of sleep requires strong coffee immediately afterwards.

Random thoughts as I swim up to the surface of consciousness, on a Monday when I need to leave an hour earlier because of some stupid law that will prohibit cars ending in the same number as mine from being on the road from 7am to 7pm tonight:

… a man who will pursue you relentlessly, saying he wants you oh-so-VERY-badly and will tempt you every which way he can think of but says that he’ll still be friends with you even if he doesn’t get what he wants is LYING. Tsk tsk. Oh well. Might’ve been interesting, if the man in question could have handled a threesome. More on this later.

… I love my brand new white Sony EX71 earphones. The sound is crisp and brilliant, and there’s actually bass in some songs I never realized had it. Ohmigosh. Stock iPod earbuds really DO suck the big one.

… “sucking the big one” is a phrase that appeals to me, on so many levels. Even while I’m only half-awake and dying to go back to bed. Mmmm…

… I wonder if my lover/best friend/geekgod/sex dongle/mental twin is awake yet — he probably is, we both love this time of day — and hope he’s having a good morning.

… I want to crawl back into bed and snuggle, but I can’t. Gotta get ready for work, and my lover’s not here. Still, his shoulder is my happy thought. That’s your spot, he says. Sigh. He loves me, yes I do believe he does.

Enjoy your day, readers. Even if it’s a Monday. Think happy thoughts: love, money, power, sex. Lots of sex. Very happy thoughts.


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