Ready? Set? GO!

Oh man! I’m third in line on the Museum’s organizational chart so I’m holding down the fort — our office secretary and Assistant Director are off participating in some Amazing Race challenge somewhere on the University grounds, and I’m rattling around here by myself.

It would be perfectly fine if today were a quiet one. I could get some paperwork out of the way, and update my collection management records. But we’ve got a 70-person tour booked for this afternoon, running simultaneously with a 10-person tour by our colleagues from the Lopez — I’ll have to personally guide them, since our Assistant Gallery Curator is new, and isn’t familiar enough with the collection yet to answer too many questions.

Add to that the call that just came in: a 600-person (yes, that’s six hundred, dear readers) tour, already on its way. The tour company faxed us on Saturday, when we were closed, and didn’t bother to confirm afterwards. Good thing we don’t have a conflicting schedule this morning.

Called in reinforcements from Security, and let them know twelve buses will need parking on campus. Ye gods.

Deep breath. Ready? Set? Go! 🙂


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