The Beatles knew everything, Kyle. All you need IS love.


So today is Valentine’s Day. Remember how I feel about declarations of undying love in public? Yeah, I know. Sue me. 😀

It used to be a really horrible day for me, when I was going through my darkest days. It’s still rough, to a large extent. But I’m healing, and faster than I thought was possible, because you love me.

The year (and a little bit) that we’ve spent together so far has been an incredible journey for me, owing to your endless patience with my sharp little broken bits. Still, ever so patiently you piece me together, and you tell me that you love me — all of me, even the jagged edges and dark places. What’s most surprising is that when I come to places where I thought the pieces were gone forever, I turn around and you’re holding them in your hand. Like my tears.

You’re obstinate as a mule, and refuse to let me go, and will hold me close when my first impulse is to flee, and all you ever need do is kiss me to shut me up. You wait out the storm, and are always still there, even though I know that it hurts you to see me struggling with my demons. A friend asked me, “He really will do anything to make sure you’re happy, won’t he?” And I realized that, yes you really would.

It’s not your responsibility to make sure I’m happy, but you go above and beyond to make sure I am. Thank you.

You make me proud to be who I am, and you inspire me to be more. I need no one’s approval or affirmation, and I am beyond having to prove myself to anyone, but I’m glad that you think highly of me as a person, as well as love me. Our one rule of absolute honesty with each other, even if it hurts now and then, goes a long way to keeping me true to myself. Thank you for never flinching from telling me anything, and for listening when I have something to say. I tell you exactly what I want and need, and you do the same, yet we end up giving each other more than either of us expects.

Our minds run in astonishingly, astoundingly, unbelievably similar ways, and there’s no one I can count on to know my mind better than you. It’s amazing, to massively understate matters. Particularly when you consider that we were this way, literally, from the day we met (again, after all the years in between). We never really knew each other over a decade ago, and though you tell me you wish I’d said something back then, I’m sure that if we’d tried then, we’d have found ourselves lacking the maturity and experience to love each other the way we do now. So I’m glad we took the time to grow up, and live our lives, and become who we are now.

You said in your lovely little note that we both wonder what we did to deserve this relationship. I think it’s just that we’re supposed to be together this way, whatever the extraneous circumstances may be. We’re connected in ways inexplicable, and I no longer seek to define or explain it. It’s just… right. You are my comfort zone, as I am yours.

You amaze me. Everything you are, all the things you do, how and why you do things. Hard as it may be for you to believe, I do see you for who you are, warts and all. I love everything about you: your nature, your choices, and everything else that goes into who you are. Just as you take all of me in stride.

You brought me back to life, and I want you to know that on this rollercoaster I call my life, you have a ride-all-you-can pass. And when the amusement park is closed, and it’s time to go home and be the little old lady with a thousand cats, you’ll always be welcome to visit, sit by me on the porch and hold hands for a while.

So Happy Valentine’s Day, honey.

Yeah, I love you too, Kyle. For always.

your Mira


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