PodCentral.PH February 2006 meet

Yesterday, PodCentral.PH held its February Meet for 2006 at Heaven and Eggs, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Turnout wasn’t quite the spectacular group we had for January, but that’s mainly because a lot more people are able to make it to our Makati meets than the Quezon City ones. We currently alternate between the two locales so that members can go to whichever meet is closer and more convenient for them to attend.

Even though we didn’t have a huge turnout, it turned out to be a wonderfully cozy gathering. Everyone received a strawberry-flavored fortune cookie, which each of us broke as we introduced ourselves. We read our individual fortunes, wrote our names on the teeny slips of paper, and dropped them into a little fishbowl for the raffle.

After we’d raffled off the cool stuff our site sponsor, Microwarehouse, and fellow Podder twista17 donated for this month’s meet, announcements were made, and then we all settled in for some serious schmoozing.

It’s amazing to realize that we’re celebrating our 1st anniversary, and PodCentral.ph is just going, and going, and going! This is due to the all-out support of Microwarehouse, but also in large part to our terrific members, who step up when the community needs support, no matter where they are! Our members are scattered across the globe: New York, Texas, the UK, UAE, Qatar, and other places I can’t even recall right now. We have members from all over the Philippines, who contribute what they know willingly and cheerfully. No wonder there’s such a strong sense of family and community.

The warm, enthusiastic, humorous, generous and friendly Filipino spirit shines at PodCentral.ph — from the super administrators to the freshest newbies, and there’s no other online community I’d be happier and prouder to serve. 🙂


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