Dark stirrings.



Weighing, choosing, turning things over in my head.

Forgive me if this particular post is rather oblique — I’m thinking aloud, is all.


The gremlins return to heckle and jeer.

Heart says, “Shut up, nancyboy mutterfunkeys, all is well. Go away.”

Gremlins snicker, “Suuure. But still, this teeter-totter is more teeter than totter.” Then, doing their best Gollum impression, “Why not balance thingsss?” One runs off and returns with a lacy sunhat and hyperventilates, “You know, tomorrah is anothah day, and you’ve got a date,” winking salaciously.

Heart says, “It’s not a DATE-date! It’s a coffee-with-a-friend date! Okay, a friend who is dying to have sex with me, and is once again relentless in the pursuit of his goal, but really. And what of love?”

Head says, “What of it? Overrated piffle. A mere chemical reaction.”

Gremlins say, “We don’t have to love only one other than ourselvesss, dearie. You know that VERY well. You’ve had instruction from the best two teachers you could ask for. Lots ‘n lots out there, banging on your door. Besides, you don’t have to love ’em, but why shouldn’t you go and play yourself? It’s all well and good to wait your turn, but why be alone while you wait, hmmmmm? You’ve got a life, and you’re not committed to anyone, correct?”

“Er, correct.”

“And you ARE 7 of 9, are you not?”

“No, that’s an ex-Borg from Star Trek: Voyager. I’m some other number of some other quantity. But I get what you’re saying. Go on.”

“Why, then, limit yourself?”

“I’m not limiting myself! I just don’t have the energy or inclination to see more people on a serious, intimate level! Besides, the current one’s an impossible act to follow,” the Heart says smugly.

“What if the one you’re waiting for is around the corner? What if the toothless Arab cometh? Eh? Hmm?”

Sly. So sly. Evil is so much better when it’s smooth, cool, and reasonable. So effective.

Head says, “Too messy. Too time-intensive. Not advisable.”

Heart yells, “Enough! All’s well! Everyone shut up! Gremlins! Out! Out! Out! This is the way things are, and they’re fine. And if they aren’t, and we can’t take it, there’s the EXIT sign, right there. We can leave this ice cube tray anytime. Capisce?”

Gremlins shuffle off, grumbling to each other. “We’ll be back, you know,” one sneers. “WHATeverrr,” replies the Heart, slipping wearily into Valley Girl patois, and turns away with a snap of her fan and a swish of her hoop skirt.

Wonder what I’ll wear tomorrow.



  1. Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 10:36 am

    On a side note that’s totally out of context with your post, have you ever tried making chocolate ganache so rich and decadent that the only other way to make it even more sinful is to spread it on someone and lick it all up?

    Heh! Just a thought. 😉 (Though yes, I’m making up a batch of SINFULLY decadent chocolate ganache for… er… room use only.)


  2. miranoriel said,

    Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 10:47 am

    Nope, but have yourself a whole lotta fun, dear. 🙂

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