Geeks do it sideways!

m|ph March 2006Heads up!
Er, sideways!

The new issue of m|ph Magazine is out! And because it’s the best, most fearless, most innovative tech magazine (or maybe the editors are just flippin’ crazy), they went horizontal. 😮

Yes, folks. You heard it right. It’s the Widescreen Issue.

This March, m|ph brings you your usual feast for the eyes and everything your geeky heart and terrified wallet could possibly covet. Plus, the lovely Pia Guanio is on the cover this issue — yeah, she is way hot, I agree, boys. You should see Pia’s other photos inside! Sssssmokin’!

Oh, and one more thing. I join m|ph Managing Editors Art Ilano (who also happens to be the Editor-in-Chief of PC Mag Philippines) and Jayvee Fernandez, alongside Mobile1’s Marketing Manager Jed Quiambao (she was the Fashionable Geek for the… lessee… Christmas issue? Or the January? I forget. But she was fabulous! And she’s a member of! 😀 ) and GAME! Magazine Editor-In-Chief Aiza Tancinco for this issue’s Tech Talk. The topic? Geeks and Dating. 😀

Hot off the presses! Go get yours now!


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