Living in the past.

I just love film noir.

There’s something about the dark, brooding atmosphere in a film noir that sends a delicious thrill up my spine. Kind of like a knife blade being slowly drawn up it. Terrifying, yet sharply sensual.

The stark contrast between light and dark, the crisp delineation of character through the subtle yet clever usage of camera angles and body language. The elegant simplicity of black and white, yet with the intriguing hint here and there of the gray — the uncertain, the non-committal, the sinister undertone beneath the sunny smile. So much more information is transmitted to the viewer with one tracking shot in a film noir than some modern films do in their entire 90-minute running time.

Hugs to n9ne for sending me a link to Out of the Past, a bi-weekly podcast investigating the great films noir; he thought I’d like it, and he’s right. In fact, I already subscribe to it via iTunes, since my lover and I share a passion for film noir. We like to watch them in the wee small hours of the morning, when it’s still cool and dark out, and we’re the only ones awake.

Out of the Past with Shannon Clute and Richard Edwards is such great fun to listen to; they really know their stuff, and it’s more like you’re listening to your friends talking about a movie they really enjoyed watching, rather than a dry, stuffy review.

I avoid listening to the episodes where they critique and analyze films that I haven’t seen, though. Serious spoiler action! Plus lately I haven’t had the time to just slip a disc into the player, make myself a nice cuppa green tea, and settle myself on the couch with my blankie around me at four in the morning, and have Alfred Hitchcock raise my blood pressure and adrenaline levels. “Spellbound” remains my favorite of all of Hitch’s works. Check out the Out of the Past episode where they talk about this film in depth. Brilliant, in a word.

And oh that Humphrey Bogart! So… masterful. Nothing floats my boat like a man in control, but who looks like he knows how to lose it, and enjoys doing so. Sigh. 😉


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  1. chaote9 said,

    Monday, March 20, 2006 at 11:40 am

    i’ll text ya l8r

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