May the Magnificent.

A few days ago, I was chatting with my friend May. She told me about how the radiation therapy she was undergoing for her breast cancer was going, and how it was so hard to be strong.

May is such a survivor, and it pains me to see how hard it is for her to go through this; all I can really do is be there for her.

She told me that lately she’s felt like giving up, just letting the cancer take over and have it all done with. I told her that it was alright to be afraid, and that she didn’t have to be the Magnificent May all the time.

She told me that sometimes she just locks herself in the bathroom to cry, alone. Then she comes out and is Super Mom again. I said maybe it’s hard for her family to know when to be there for her because all they see is the strong survivor. They don’t see the weary, frightened, despairing May, and so can’t be there for her the way she really needs right now. Maybe it’s about time that the people who love her most see just how vulnerable she is, and how much she needs them.

I told her that she doesn’t need to carry the burden all by herself — that’s what we, her friends and family, are here for. We’re here to be strong when she isn’t. We’re here to carry her when she can’t move forward. I asked her to let us be there for her the way she really needs us.

May is magnificent. She literally rocks, and when I grow up, I wanna be just like her. 😀

She is also very human, and can fear and despair too. I told her that so many people love her, and that includes me. So I’m praying that the therapy turns the cancer around, and that we will be allowed to be there for her when she needs us.

We love you, May.


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