Happy birthday, O Nameless Wonder.

Happy birthday, honey.

You’re busier than a one-legged man in a kickboxing tournament today, but we’ll find time to be together soon. We have all the time in the world to wait for each other, and there’s no rush.

I found the perfect presents to give you — perfect as expressions of what we are to each other, that is.

First, there’s the practical present, and then the one that feeds the mind and finally the one that feeds the heart. I won’t go into the practical little gadgety thing. Suffice it to say that it was a mother of a headache to find here, so I had one sent from Hong Kong; it’s unmistakably a present from me, and the association I have with the brand leaves no doubt as to whom it came from. 😀

The second one isn’t anything romantic, but it’s something you and I share a passion for, among the many we have together. I found it by chance, and I’d actually been searching for it a long time and had given up looking. I had a terrible time resisting the overwhelming urge to call you the moment I found it — good thing I was able to hold my tongue, because when you open this present, I’m absolutely certain it’ll make your day.

The last one is nothing tangible, but concrete in its own way, and the most precious of all I have to give: I promise to stay, and I won’t leave you again. Ever.

I’ll say no more, because nothing more need be said. You wished it, and so it shall be. You didn’t have to prove anything, but I love you for doing it anyway. You have me, for as long as you want me, and you’ll never have to wait on that cold and lonely porch wondering if I’m out there, ever again.

So happy birthday, honey.

May this be another year of celebrating life, of experiencing everything you’ve always wanted to, another year of new things to do and places to see. I hope your dreams solidify into goals, and whatever path you need to take to their fruition, I promise to be there with a helping hand, a soft ear, some horrible jokes, a stolen kiss, some sushi and Soft Batch cookies whenever you need me.

I love you.


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