It’s all coming back to me now. Via Meat Loaf, not Celine Dion.

Whoa. Talk about being blindsided.

I’d wondered whether it was a good idea to write that blog entry about Amtrak_To_Hell, and then yesterday I heard from his best friend, D — the person who introduced me to him. D needed help with something, and then mentioned that he’d read my blog, and told me to try to be at peace with myself. Which got me thinking. Am I?

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Evil kitteh. Shmexy.

Humorous Pictures
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Shmexylicious evil kitteh is shmexy.

A one way ticket on the Amtrak To Hell.

To say that I had second thoughts about writing this post is very likely the understatement of a lifetime. However, it’s been a couple of days, and a post I read by Roissy In DC refuses to leave my mind. In it, he says, among other things:

“The quintessential masculine quality women can’t resist is SUPREME UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE.”

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The Business Plan That Can’t Lose

Alright, so listen up.

The Philippine 6/49 Lotto jackpot stands at an insane PhP182 Million. By Sunday, it’ll probably be at 200 million pesos, because everyone will be betting, hoping to stop being poor like the other 98% of our population.

Too bad for them, because I’m gonna win.

What’s more, I already have a business plan in the works for my 200 million pesos, that will keep the money growing, and make me… meee… MEEEEEEEE wealthier than my wildest dreams! And that doesn’t include the dreams with WWE Superstar Mick Foley in them! 😀

PLUS, my business plan capitalizes on Filipino culture and its uniquely silly blend of character traits. I can’t lose.

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Disposable art

At the museum I work for, we had an exhibition of traditional Filipino arts and crafts. One of the crafts featured is called “pabalat.” The word “balat” refers more strictly to skin, while the word “balot” is used more often for any kind of wrapping material, but this craft is traditionally called “pabalat” (pah-bah-LAHT). It involves folding thin Japanese tissue paper, tracing a pattern onto the folded paper, and then cutting it out, leaving an intricate, lacy filigree.


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Geek + girl = me

Sooooo yes.

I am equal parts girl and geek. *adjusts her glasses*

When you’re equal parts girl and geek, you lug around just as much makeup as gear. No kidding. However, a lot of the “gear” is boring, black, gray, industrial, corporate. Bleh.

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I wub IconBuffet

eeeeeeeee looky at the pretty ickle iconsssss!

Amsterdam heart cherry pie nigiri sushi Marseilles coffee cup

These lovely little morsels of pixely perfection, this monkey got her grubby paws on at IconBuffet. Membership’s free, the icons are fabulous, and trading the icon sets is incredibly addictive. The folks there are surpassingly cool, you’d like them. 😀

Check it out: IconBuffet

Holeeee crap.

This is my blog. Poor neglected little thing. *hugs her blog*

I used to write here whenever I could, but life got in the way. Meh.

Since my last post here, things have changed vastly for me, and there’s just too much to go into. Suffice it to say that my life is a soap opera. An online soap opera, conducted intercontinentally, East to West Coast. Augh.

I’m happy, mostly. Mostly being the operative word here. As happy as I can get, more like. That may change, who knows? We shall see; the universe has a funny way of being contrary, and whatever comes along… you just gotta roll.

Anyhoo, I may post some of the stuff that’s trickled past a synapse or two, maybe sooner, maybe later. And yes, I can be more vague, would you like me to try?