The iPod Magnet strikes again!

Okay. This is getting ridiculous.

I am now the proud owner of an iPod Touch, courtesy of Pepsi. 😮

Minx, my first iPod, a white 30Gb 4th gen “photo” was a prize my ex-husband won in a raffle. He’s an iRiver diehard, though, so he gave it to me. Vixen is a white 2Gb 1st gen nano, and I won her in another raffle, this time during’s Christmas party.

My third iPod, Wolfticket, is a 30Gb black 5th gen iPod — the 1st gen “video” model. It was a birthday present from Amtrak_To_Hell.

The iPod touch that I just won in Pepsi’s local hourly raffle promo, I have yet to claim at their warehouse office, but this makes 4, count ’em, FOUR iPods now. In case anyone is missing my point, I have never bought an iPod. iPods find me.

Holy hardware, Batman. People used to joke that I was an iPod magnet, and this time around I’m beginning to believe it. 😮


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