Deja… new?

I saw someone last night who looked so much like Amtrak_To_Hell that it completely freaked me out.

I knew it wasn’t him, but still I stared… and stared… and stared… and felt the weakness in my knees, the blood roaring in my ears, it was incredible. Uncanny. Insert synonym here.

Of course he didn’t have the heart-stopping eye color, and he was a bit shorter than ATH is, but the resemblance was enough to make me feel giddy and almost nauseated by the experience. It was a total emotional dropkick. Talk about being blindsided by the past.

How are you supposed to move on when a doppelganger of the person you seem doomed to keep on loving walks back and forth in front of you for about ten minutes, leaving you spin-cycled and back where you began? It’s like waving one of those Japanese fake-food displays under a starving person’s nose.

Life has a sick sense of humor.


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