Same old, same old.

So I poked around and found a spot on the interwebs I left bits and pieces of myself on, and it amused me to read the drivel I posted about myself a few years ago, to wit:

Fast facts

  • Last movie seen: Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rebecca”
  • Music I listen to: classical, chillout, big band, motown, opera
  • Favorite author: John Gribbin/Stephen King/Neal Stephenson
  • Last book read: Accidental Empires, by Robert X. Cringely
  • If I won 1 million dollars, I would: Support foundations that keep kids in school and off the streets, and protect them from violence. And steal my lover away to Cairo.
  • I’m passionate about: Preserving my culture and heritage and transmitting it to the next generation. My country. My iPod. My family. Love. My lover. Sex. Don’t pretend YOU’RE not, either. Hypocrite.
  • Food I like: Sushi. Pasta. Olives.
  • I don’t like: Squid. Dishes that combine fruits and meat.

The only difference from three years ago and now is that the lover is now just a friend, although I still will go to Cairo someday and commune with the Sphinx. I still have that question I swore I’d ask that silent monolith, because it’s gone unanswered to this day.

I forgot to add chocolate to the list of food I like. I could live on chocolate. Oh yes I could.

Ah, Rebecca. What a film. I think I need to watch that again tonight, or soon.

My trinity of Gribbin/King/Stephenson still stands, and I’ve gotten my best friend to start reading “Cryptonomicon.” Most excellent. I’m still reading Mick Foley’s Have A Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks, going through it piecemeal, savoring what is the best-written professional wrestling biography ever written. I love Mick Foley. 😀

I guess I haven’t changed much in terms of things I enjoy and love, although there are things are broken now and will stay that way.



  1. anti said,

    Thursday, May 15, 2008 at 10:13 am

    The cool thing about finding stuff like that, like finding old forgotten t-shirts or mementos, is the instant flashback to what life was like at that time.

    Maybe that’s why I am such a packrat, I want to relive it all again, over and over.

  2. miranoriel said,

    Thursday, May 15, 2008 at 11:12 am

    Me too! 😀

    My room is both treasure trove and junkyard. Sometimes I wonder if some of the stuff I keep is anchoring me to people and events I should let go, but when I go through old letters, souvenirs, photographs and whatnot, the rush of memory is something I enjoy. Well, most of the time, at least…

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