Zip it!

I just got home from another live voice-over gig — another open house for Community Innovations Inc.’s Treveia residential development in Laguna. Today’s show played up Treveia’s being part of Nuvali, Ayala Land’s massive project to create a breakthrough in land development here: one that addresses environmental concerns and sustainability issues from the ground up.

As usual:

  • we did the event at Bonifacio High Street
  • there were activities for the kids, a buffet, and entertainment
  • it was windy as all get out

What’s this got to do with this blog post’s title, you say? Well, the entertainment for this show was a performance by “poi” or “zip” dancers — zips are small weights attached to a length of cord or chain, with loops for two fingers, with colorful ribbons streaming from the weights. Also called pois, you use wrist action to twirl the weights around your body, resulting in a visual spectacle similar to the way floor gymnasts use ribbons in their routines. Some performers use fire pois, and the twirling flames are simply breathtaking to see.

Zip/poi dancers with fire pois at Treveia event

We had one performance at 4:00 p.m., and another at 7:30 p.m. Between performances, the dancers gave free zipping lesons to anyone interested. So I tried it. It was HELLA fun. 😀

I caught on pretty quick; it’s easier if you don’t think about it; once your hands get the rhythm you need, you can twirl the zips in so many ways. I’d venture to say it’s a bit like juggling.

Of course the dancers knew all sorts of trick moves which they wanted to teach me, but there really wasn’t enough time. I think I’ll get me a pair of zips; it’s excellent upper body and arm exercise, not to mention great for honing your hand-and-eye coordination. The event photographer took a couple of great pictures of me zipping and I hope to get them soon. 🙂


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