Eraserheads update

Last night everyone was in shock and on tenterhooks about what happened to Ely Buendia during the historic Eraserheads reunion concert at the Fort Bonifacio open field. Halfway through the 30-song setlist, Ely sought medical attention and was taken to Makati Medical Center.

The over-30,000-strong crowd dispersed slowly, hoping to wake up from what seemed like a bad dream, a horrible ending to what we all thought was going to be the concert of the year. No such luck.

Buddy, Marcus and Raimund ended up at Saguijo, and apparently something like 500 other people had the same idea. Everyone was dazed and stricken, but the three decided to play on. It was on a much smaller scale, but I think it was good for them that they kept the music going. There was too much emotion, too much raw energy, too much everything last night. It had to be played out. The wave had to be ridden out.

Ebe Dancel filled in for Ely on vocals. It wasn’t the same without him, but at least the rest of the band put an end to the evening. At least as far as the music and the rest of the Eraserheads went, there was some kind of closure.

Ely Buendia is in stable condition, in coronary care right now. Please, keep him in your pockets, as a friend of mine likes to say, and let’s hope everything turns out okay. Thanks.


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