No better breed of man.

Firefighters are hot. 😀

I was at the University I work for a couple of years ago, after hours, waiting to go home (a local traffic volume reduction scheme bans cars from being on the road from 7AM to 7PM, what day you’re carless depends on what number your license plate ends in, so I was stuck killing time). I saw the security guards running hell for leather towards a building close to where I was parked. I wondered what was going on, then looked up. A plume of thick, black smoke was rising from somewhere inside the campus.

I called our Director, who was in a building directly in front of the burning structure, and made sure he and the other Fathers were okay, and rang off to call our Assistant Director.

I called and told her what was going on, and said I wouldn’t leave — the fire scene was a building away from where our museum is, and if the fire got out of control, spread to the garden next to it, then jumped to our building, our disaster management plan would have to be taken for a serious test ride, and I was the only member of the museum’s staff on site. Crap.

She was in a cab, headed across town, but fortunately they were crossing a bridge close enough still so that they saw the smoke from the fire rising, and she had the cab turn around and take her back.

I remember being surprised at how quickly the firetrucks arrived, and how overwhelming it was to see every street on campus filled with them. They just kept coming, and the men moved fast. I don’t remember who was first on scene. I’m just glad they were there.

Like an army of angels.

There are more volunteer than career firefighters in the Philippines. Simply because being a civil servant who gets paid pocket change but puts your life on the line with every call sucks ass. Those who choose to serve others as firefighters, particularly in this country, are fearless and incredible men (yes, the gender barrier has not quite been surmounted here as it has in places like the US).

Filipino firefighters fight to get to the fire scene through insanely small and jam-packed streets filled with drivers who are either too dumb to yield or want to but can’t because of traffic. When they get there, hundreds of onlookers insist on blocking the way to the fire hydrants that are too far away. In the slum areas, they face an even grimmer challenge: it’s common for fires to reach horrendous levels, razing down hundreds of makeshift homes made of cardboard and plywood in seconds while firefighters wend their way through the person-and-a-half wide paths that lead into the shantytown. They work with mostly substandard, outdated equipment, and many of them (particularly outside Metro Manila) very likely will never even get to use an SCBA.

Still, they put themselves in danger to save lives and property. What makes these men do that? I don’t know, but I’m glad they do.

I’m lucky enough to know a firefighter, and there’s no better breed of man. A strong, good-looking man with a deep-seated sense of social commitment who serves others simply because it’s the right thing to do is, in a word, kryptonite.  Plus a man in bunker gear is just insanely hot. 😉

I love me some firefighter, oh yes I do.



  1. Louie said,

    Thursday, October 9, 2008 at 2:11 pm


    I should buy a fireman costume for Halloween?


  2. miranoriel said,

    Friday, October 10, 2008 at 7:24 pm


    Oy vey, Louie. *fans herself*

    Long as you trick or treat at my house, then hells yes. 😀

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