Swing through Singapore

Yours truly was in Singapore last month; the UST Museum lent a rarely-seen oil on canvas painting by Galo Ocampo to the Singapore Art Museum for “Thrice Upon A Time: A Century of Story in the Art of the Philippines” an exhibit organized by the National Heritage Board of Singapore.  I was there to make sure it arrived safely, and was hung in accordance with the work’s conservation needs.

The exhibit, along with other shows, are part of Singapore’s celebration of 40 years of diplomatic relations with the Philippines. I must say they did a fine job.

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Is it just me…

or is anyone else hopelessly sucked into Last Song Syndrome by Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance?”

Maybe it doesn’t help that I have it on single-play-repeat.

Hello, baby.

*dusts off this blog*

Well, now.  About time we returned to the land of the living, no?

Oh, and by the way, if you’re one of those people that can’t handle what’s here, then the exit’s thataway, you can take the beernuts, we have plenty more.

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