About me, if you’re stalking me curious.

Edge Monkey

I am…

… a volunteer firefighter.
… a museum worker and heritage guerrilla.
… a recovering co-dependent daughter.
… an ex-moderator for PodCentral.ph, an online community for Filipino iPod owners. I don’t work there anymore, but it’s the best Filipino iPod usergroup site, IMHO.
… a straight, mostly-pagan, kinky sub, uncollared at the moment. Lower those eyebrows, please and thank you. Ask, don’t judge.
… a Tower Junkie — thedarktower.net is currently migrating to new servers and will be back up soon, say thankya. 🙂
… a cat person.
… ex-Mensa. Get over it, it’s just a number. Like your age, or how many toes you have on your left foot.
… 34.
… located in Manila, the Philippines.

… immortal.
… beloved.
… shameless.
… unrepentant.

… an Instrument of Karma. Because everyone gets what they deserve, when the wheel turns.

Why Instrument of Karma? It is what I am, just as you are. We are all messengers of the divine, but what you send out will most assuredly return to you threefold, one way or another, good and bad. Everything happens for a reason, and the people we meet and how our relationships work out with them are but the means by which the universe balances our existence.

Maybe I’ll get around to explaining this more deeply sometime. Meantime, welcome, and leave your prejudices, preconceived notions, and judgements at the door. If you’re a very conservative, straight-laced, and staunchly religious person, you may want to check out another person’s thoughts. I work at not judging others, in the hope that I won’t be judged in turn.

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