Is it just me…

or is anyone else hopelessly sucked into Last Song Syndrome by Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance?”

Maybe it doesn’t help that I have it on single-play-repeat.

I enjoy being a girl.

I was going through some of my older posts, and came across one of my favorites. Just for the heck of it, I’ll re-post it here.

Such useful things, men are.

I was talking to a friend who considers herself a feminist. She’s one of those women who would get a slipped disc before she asked a man to help her carry her widescreen TV through a revolving door, harrumph, take that, male chauvinist pig! She pays her own bills, drives her own car, all that “Independent Woman” shtick.

But then, so do I.

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It’s all coming back to me now. Via Meat Loaf, not Celine Dion.

Whoa. Talk about being blindsided.

I’d wondered whether it was a good idea to write that blog entry about Amtrak_To_Hell, and then yesterday I heard from his best friend, D — the person who introduced me to him. D needed help with something, and then mentioned that he’d read my blog, and told me to try to be at peace with myself. Which got me thinking. Am I?

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A one way ticket on the Amtrak To Hell.

To say that I had second thoughts about writing this post is very likely the understatement of a lifetime. However, it’s been a couple of days, and a post I read by Roissy In DC refuses to leave my mind. In it, he says, among other things:

“The quintessential masculine quality women can’t resist is SUPREME UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE.”

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Be a cult member today! Whee! :D

Are you lost? Alone? Miserable?

Then come! Join the Cult of Frunobulax!

Witness! I was unfound, dazed amidst a sea of gunslingers, philosophers, naked women with glittery cleavage, and sheep of questionable pedigree, and I knew not what to do.

Then the Way was opened unto me, and I have found the True Path.

"In the beginning there was only Frunobulax, and in His infinite wisdom He declared "Let there be forums!", and the universe doth shook with the power of his creative force. Where once was nothing there arose the Almighty Kingdom of In this paradise, true believers could bask in His glory and know the true meaning of existence through the everlasting grace of His Divine Postwhoring."

The Book of Frunobulax, Chapter 1, Verse 1

In tomorrow's sermon, we shall learn of the creation of the Interloper (Walter O'dim) and his banishment to the fiery nether-regions of General Discussion for his fondness for sheep.

Coming soon to skin near you.

Finally got my new tattoo design together, and I can't wait to get inked!

Mira's tat

It's Gan, the Turtle (see the Turtle of enormous girth, upon His shell he holds the earth… ), with the Rose, 19, the Dark Tower and the symbol for Ka in a shape reminiscent of a yin-yang symbol. On the left, "Ka is a wheel." Which fits perfectly with my being an Instrument of Karma. Then on the right, "Stand, and be true." Both statements are very important to me and who I am.

If you understand what these symbols mean, good for you — hile and well-met, sai.

If you don't, then I won't bother to explain. Pick up Stephen King's Dark Tower series, and find out for yourself, may it do ya fine.

Geeks do it sideways!

m|ph March 2006Heads up!
Er, sideways!

The new issue of m|ph Magazine is out! And because it’s the best, most fearless, most innovative tech magazine (or maybe the editors are just flippin’ crazy), they went horizontal. 😮

Yes, folks. You heard it right. It’s the Widescreen Issue.

This March, m|ph brings you your usual feast for the eyes and everything your geeky heart and terrified wallet could possibly covet. Plus, the lovely Pia Guanio is on the cover this issue — yeah, she is way hot, I agree, boys. You should see Pia’s other photos inside! Sssssmokin’!

Oh, and one more thing. I join m|ph Managing Editors Art Ilano (who also happens to be the Editor-in-Chief of PC Mag Philippines) and Jayvee Fernandez, alongside Mobile1’s Marketing Manager Jed Quiambao (she was the Fashionable Geek for the… lessee… Christmas issue? Or the January? I forget. But she was fabulous! And she’s a member of! 😀 ) and GAME! Magazine Editor-In-Chief Aiza Tancinco for this issue’s Tech Talk. The topic? Geeks and Dating. 😀

Hot off the presses! Go get yours now!

Two sexual cents.

I was reading Dr. Mike’s blog, and I came across his reaction to an entry about sex on GoingGoingGone’s blog.

Er, okay. Everybody likes what they like, and are entitled to disliking what they dislike.

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Hey, baby. Wanna plug and play?

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The AfterMac.

I added a new blog to the blogroll. It’s called The AfterMac. Check it out. A blog by Jayvee Fernandez and Adel Gabot, it takes a bite out of anything and everything Apple. Jayvee and Adel are managing editor and editor-in-chief, respectively, of the largest (literally), most authoritative, intelligent, credible and wittiest tech magazine in the Philippines. (If you don’t agree with me about the magazine, kindly refrain from arguing your point with me. It’s my opinion, and my blog, thank you very much.)

I’m not a Mac user. Never have been. But I’d give my liver and left kidney to be. Sigh. Living the Mac lifestyle vicariously is a double-edged sword: you’re satisfied for a while, then when you navigate away, you realize that all that eye candy did was stoke your hunger. Argh.

Oh, and if you can’t get enough of Jayvee, check out his personal blog, A Bugged Life, as well. 😀

The politics of sex.

I said in a previous post that I’d say a few more things about men who tell you that “Of course we’ll still be friends even if I don’t get to have wild, mind-blowing, fuck-of-a-lifetime sex with you. Of course.”


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Wherein miranoriel returns from the dominions of the unrelenting.

A friend of mine has had a breakthrough (or at least I think so). chaote9 posted something on his blog that distills some of my major life beliefs; visit the dominions of the unrelenting and savor his mind. Be sure to check out 9. So good. There’s also a link to his fiction blog at the right bar. My favorite one so far is Sigil.

You’re brilliant, puppy dog. Except for the “ayt”. Kisses.


Sliding out of bed, bleary-eyed, to turn the desktop on and reconnect to the world after 3 hours of sleep requires strong coffee immediately afterwards.

Random thoughts as I swim up to the surface of consciousness, on a Monday when I need to leave an hour earlier because of some stupid law that will prohibit cars ending in the same number as mine from being on the road from 7am to 7pm tonight:

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Such useful things, men are. Gotta love ’em.

I was talking to a friend who considers herself a feminist. She’s one of those women who would get a slipped disc before she asked a man to help her carry her widescreen TV through a revolving door, harrumph, take that, male chauvinist pig! She pays her own bills, drives her own car, all that “Independent Woman” shtick.

But then, so do I.

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Got a little tied up.

Kink, when done with a partner you absolutely trust, can be extremely satisfying. Even if my lover isn’t as much into bondage as I am, he indulges me and always succeeds in driving me insane with pleasure.

This is because he knows what I need and won’t hesitate to give it. His imagination and inventiveness are limitless, and it pleases him to see me totally lost in ecstasy that is entirely his doing. I’m never afraid, because I know I’m totally safe when we play. He takes pleasure in my pleasure, and it pleases me to please him. So I submit, he does with me what he likes, and it’s always an incredible give-and-take experience between two people who love each other.

Then when it’s over, as he gently loosens my bonds, he kisses me and whispers, “I love you.” So generous. So loving. An amazing human being, is my lover.

I only hope the rope marks don’t fade away too quickly. I love seeing them there.  They remind me that, though we will never speak of commitment, I know with whom I belong.

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