One word.


Allow me to state the obvious: this, folks, is a reeeally blurry picture — of me at headquarters. We’d just run out to what turned out to be an electrical fire. I love my Ranger fireboots! Scraped up the money to buy my own, too. Gear’s tough to find here, or hideously expensive if you get it new. Had no choice, though. The hand-me-down boots I wore previously were two sizes big for me, and boots that don’t fit wear you out. An unnecessarily fatigued firefighter is a firefighter in danger.

Hello, baby.

*dusts off this blog*

Well, now.  About time we returned to the land of the living, no?

Oh, and by the way, if you’re one of those people that can’t handle what’s here, then the exit’s thataway, you can take the beernuts, we have plenty more.

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No better breed of man.

Firefighters are hot. 😀

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Ely Buendia update

Ely Buendia is undergoing surgery right now.

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Eraserheads update

Last night everyone was in shock and on tenterhooks about what happened to Ely Buendia during the historic Eraserheads reunion concert at the Fort Bonifacio open field. Halfway through the 30-song setlist, Ely sought medical attention and was taken to Makati Medical Center.

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Back from the dead. Sorta.

But not really.

JohnBlaze has a funny habit of pulling me out of odd ruts; he left me a comment and got me to take some time to pop in here.

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Happy anniversary.

You’ll Be Safe Here

by Rivermaya

Nobody knows
Just why we’re here
Could it be fate
Or random circumstance
At the right place
At the right time
Two roads intertwine

And if the universe conspired
To meld our lives
To make us
Fuel and fire
Then know
Where ever you will be
So too shall I be

Close your eyes
Dry your tears
‘Coz when nothing seems clear
You’ll be safe here

From the sheer weight
Of your doubts and fears
Weary heart
You’ll be safe here

Remember how we laughed
Until we cried
At the most stupid things
Like we were so high
But love was all that we were on
We belong

And though the world would
Never understand
This unlikely union
And why it still stands
Someday we will be set free.
Pray and believe

When the light disappears
And when this world’s insincere
You’ll be safe here
When nobody hears you scream
I’ll scream with you
You’ll be safe here

Save your eyes
From your tears
When everything’s unclear
You’ll be safe here

From the sheer weight
Of your doubts and fears
Wounded heart

When the light disappears
And when this world’s insincere
You’ll be safe here

When nobody hears you scream
I’ll scream with you
You’ll be safe here

In my arms
Through the long cold night
Sleep tight
You’ll be safe here

When no one understands
I’ll believe
You’ll be safe,
You’ll be safe
You’ll be safe here
Put your heart in my hands
You’ll be safe here

It would’ve been a year ago today, since I last looked up and saw nothing but blue sky and the world was mine.

Wherever you are, I miss you still. No matter what anyone says.

Happy what-would’ve-been-our anniversary, Jesse.

I enjoy being a girl.

I was going through some of my older posts, and came across one of my favorites. Just for the heck of it, I’ll re-post it here.

Such useful things, men are.

I was talking to a friend who considers herself a feminist. She’s one of those women who would get a slipped disc before she asked a man to help her carry her widescreen TV through a revolving door, harrumph, take that, male chauvinist pig! She pays her own bills, drives her own car, all that “Independent Woman” shtick.

But then, so do I.

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Yes, HP service in the Philippines suxxorzzz.

I’ve been having trouble with my power supply for maybe a couple of weeks now. All of a sudden, the AC power would cut out and even though I didn’t touch anything, I’d see that the power icon in the system tray had changed to “battery” instead of AC power. The first couple of times, it completely freaked me out, because I didn’t realize what was happening — the laptop would simply DIE on me, and I thought something worse had happened. I finally figured out that the AC power was indeed cutting out without me noticing, and I’d kept working, all the while running on battery power until I’d completely drained it. I’d unplug and re-plug, and that worked for a while. Finally, three days ago I came home from work and the adapter just wasn’t working anymore. 😦

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Zip it!

I just got home from another live voice-over gig — another open house for Community Innovations Inc.’s Treveia residential development in Laguna. Today’s show played up Treveia’s being part of Nuvali, Ayala Land’s massive project to create a breakthrough in land development here: one that addresses environmental concerns and sustainability issues from the ground up.

As usual:

  • we did the event at Bonifacio High Street
  • there were activities for the kids, a buffet, and entertainment
  • it was windy as all get out

What’s this got to do with this blog post’s title, you say? Well, the entertainment for this show was a performance by “poi” or “zip” dancers — zips are small weights attached to a length of cord or chain, with loops for two fingers, with colorful ribbons streaming from the weights. Also called pois, you use wrist action to twirl the weights around your body, resulting in a visual spectacle similar to the way floor gymnasts use ribbons in their routines. Some performers use fire pois, and the twirling flames are simply breathtaking to see.

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Same old, same old.

So I poked around and found a spot on the interwebs I left bits and pieces of myself on, and it amused me to read the drivel I posted about myself a few years ago, to wit:

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Deja… new?

I saw someone last night who looked so much like Amtrak_To_Hell that it completely freaked me out.

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Blog, you slacker you! Or, this post is dedicated to sloanie. :D

The Slow-one has very kindly brought it to my attention that I am neglecting my blog again. He’s right, of course. Sorry about that, my miniscule (but most appreciated) bunch of regular readers. 😀

So. Hm. How has life gotten in the way lately? Ah yes. Hang in there. This post is gonna be all over the map. Literally.

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Enter the dragon.

I did a live voice-over gig Saturday, for a real estate developer doing an all-day open house at Bonifacio High Street in Bonifacio Global City. This particular client likes to have arts and crafts and other activities for kids running alongside the selling, pretty much so that their parents can talk to the sellers without worrying where their kids are or what they’re doing.

This time around the kids could design their own flip-flops, paint their own canvas tote bags, get their faces painted, and go bouncing around on a bungee trampoline. I went on that, and it was hella fun. 😀

I also got my arm painted with a dragon. There’s better pictures on someone else’s camera, and I’m just waiting for them to get emailed to me. I almost wish I could get it done permanently. My biohazard tat is getting lonely.

Picture after the jump. 😉

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As you wish.

This disjointed, rambling post is a confusing mess of emotional vomit that only one person might understand.

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