I wub IconBuffet

eeeeeeeee looky at the pretty ickle iconsssss!

Amsterdam heart cherry pie nigiri sushi Marseilles coffee cup

These lovely little morsels of pixely perfection, this monkey got her grubby paws on at IconBuffet. Membership’s free, the icons are fabulous, and trading the icon sets is incredibly addictive. The folks there are surpassingly cool, you’d like them. 😀

Check it out: IconBuffet

Be a cult member today! Whee! :D

Are you lost? Alone? Miserable?

Then come! Join the Cult of Frunobulax!

Witness! I was unfound, dazed amidst a sea of gunslingers, philosophers, naked women with glittery cleavage, and sheep of questionable pedigree, and I knew not what to do.

Then the Way was opened unto me, and I have found the True Path.

"In the beginning there was only Frunobulax, and in His infinite wisdom He declared "Let there be forums!", and the universe doth shook with the power of his creative force. Where once was nothing there arose the Almighty Kingdom of TheDarkTower.net. In this paradise, true believers could bask in His glory and know the true meaning of existence through the everlasting grace of His Divine Postwhoring."

The Book of Frunobulax, Chapter 1, Verse 1

In tomorrow's sermon, we shall learn of the creation of the Interloper (Walter O'dim) and his banishment to the fiery nether-regions of General Discussion for his fondness for sheep.