Yes, HP service in the Philippines suxxorzzz.

I’ve been having trouble with my power supply for maybe a couple of weeks now. All of a sudden, the AC power would cut out and even though I didn’t touch anything, I’d see that the power icon in the system tray had changed to “battery” instead of AC power. The first couple of times, it completely freaked me out, because I didn’t realize what was happening — the laptop would simply DIE on me, and I thought something worse had happened. I finally figured out that the AC power was indeed cutting out without me noticing, and I’d kept working, all the while running on battery power until I’d completely drained it. I’d unplug and re-plug, and that worked for a while. Finally, three days ago I came home from work and the adapter just wasn’t working anymore. 😦

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The iPod Magnet strikes again!

Okay. This is getting ridiculous.

I am now the proud owner of an iPod Touch, courtesy of Pepsi. 😮

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Geek + girl = me

Sooooo yes.

I am equal parts girl and geek. *adjusts her glasses*

When you’re equal parts girl and geek, you lug around just as much makeup as gear. No kidding. However, a lot of the “gear” is boring, black, gray, industrial, corporate. Bleh.

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Museum geek.

Elsec 764 small.jpgI so enjoy being a museum geek.

We’ve been using Elsec 764 handheld environmental monitors to assess our relative humidity, UV, temperature, and lux factors for about a month now, and we’re seeing the patterns of destructive highs and lows that are affecting not only the collection, but the entire structure as well.

The Elsec is an itty-bitty handheld thing that does the job of four different pieces of equipment, and it’s terribly handy. I love it! It looks horrible, kind of like the 1st gen Sony Ericsson mobiles, but it more than makes up in performance what it lacks in looks.

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Geeks do it sideways!

m|ph March 2006Heads up!
Er, sideways!

The new issue of m|ph Magazine is out! And because it’s the best, most fearless, most innovative tech magazine (or maybe the editors are just flippin’ crazy), they went horizontal. 😮

Yes, folks. You heard it right. It’s the Widescreen Issue.

This March, m|ph brings you your usual feast for the eyes and everything your geeky heart and terrified wallet could possibly covet. Plus, the lovely Pia Guanio is on the cover this issue — yeah, she is way hot, I agree, boys. You should see Pia’s other photos inside! Sssssmokin’!

Oh, and one more thing. I join m|ph Managing Editors Art Ilano (who also happens to be the Editor-in-Chief of PC Mag Philippines) and Jayvee Fernandez, alongside Mobile1’s Marketing Manager Jed Quiambao (she was the Fashionable Geek for the… lessee… Christmas issue? Or the January? I forget. But she was fabulous! And she’s a member of! 😀 ) and GAME! Magazine Editor-In-Chief Aiza Tancinco for this issue’s Tech Talk. The topic? Geeks and Dating. 😀

Hot off the presses! Go get yours now!