Yes, HP service in the Philippines suxxorzzz.

I’ve been having trouble with my power supply for maybe a couple of weeks now. All of a sudden, the AC power would cut out and even though I didn’t touch anything, I’d see that the power icon in the system tray had changed to “battery” instead of AC power. The first couple of times, it completely freaked me out, because I didn’t realize what was happening — the laptop would simply DIE on me, and I thought something worse had happened. I finally figured out that the AC power was indeed cutting out without me noticing, and I’d kept working, all the while running on battery power until I’d completely drained it. I’d unplug and re-plug, and that worked for a while. Finally, three days ago I came home from work and the adapter just wasn’t working anymore. 😦

We have an instrumentation department at the University — all-around electronic technicians who repair everything from TVs to DVD players to laboratory equipment. People bring stuff to them for minor repairs all the time, so I did too, since my gear was way past warranty anyway. Unfortunately, they told me this morning that there was a component in the adapter that was broken, not just the wiring. 😦

I decided to call HP Service and Repair, although I had grave misgivings. A bunch of people have had negative experiences with HP’s local service center, and it spooked me. Still, I figured I might have better luck than other people, so I called. Ugh. The automated answering system drove me nuts, but I was able to navigate through the “press 1-2-3-4-5” instructions, and finally got to speak to a human being.

Of course, all she could tell me was “Please take the defective part to your local HP service center, in Makati City.” Argh. At least she was able to give me their phone number.

I rang off, then called the service center. I asked, “Is this the HP Service Center on Gil Puyat street in Makati City?” The woman who answered said, “Yes, ma’am.” Okay. Finally. I told her what the problem was, and she told me I had to bring the darned thing to the service center, surrender it to them for inspection or something, and then they’d issue me a quotation for repairs. I said, “No, I don’t want to bother with repair, because I can’t afford to wait weeks for it. I just want to buy a new one to replace the broken one.”

For some reason this perplexed her, and she kept telling me that the best I could do was take it to the center. Yeesh.

So then I asked, “But it IS possible to simply buy a new one?” “Yes,” she replied. “So do you have one in stock, and how much is it?”

“Um, I don’t know.”


“Miss, this is the HP Service Center, right?”
“I’m supposed to take my broken power adapter there, right?”
“I’m coming from waaaay across town, and gas is horribly expensive. Are you telling me that you can’t even say if it’s going to be a waste of time and money to go there because you can’t check whether the part is in stock, despite the fact that you are AT the Service Center?”
“I’m sorry, ma’am, but the supervisor in charge of replacement parts isn’t answering instant messages.”


How in the world can you not be able to check your stock, particularly when you’re answering the customer service line for repair? Honestly.

I thanked her anyway, rang off, and stomped back to my desk, fuming. I could already see it: I’d go all the way across town, they’d take my adapter, insist that they’d check it first to see if it could be repaired, inform me in three weeks that they have to order the new component from Singapore or Japan, then wait another month or so before they tell me I can pick it up.

Arrrrgh. I. Just. Want. A. NEW. ADAPTERRRRR.

I sat there, racking my brains for another solution. I grabbed the Yellow Pages and searched for Computer Supplies, and found a store that said it distributed HP products. I called and asked them if they had a replacement adapter, and they said yes. They told me right away it wasn’t an HP-branded adapter but a compatible one, and I said that was alright.

So I left work at noon, because I’m sick as a dog anyway (so I could at least clock half a day’s work) and headed over there, got my new adapter, came home, and here I am.

I’m getting all light-headed and woozy. The doctor put me on antibiotics, and an anti-allergy pill for some reason. I have no idea what flu strain this is, I just know it’s kicking my posterior. *rolls eyes*


  1. Louie said,

    Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    Could be worse.

    Friend of mine had this gigantor HP laptop he bought through Circuit City. Had this funky adapter…

    Funky adapter developed a short in the wiring.

    Ring!Ring! Hello, HP Customer Service…



    I’m sorry, sir, but we no longer manufacture a compatible replacement part for your laptop…

    D’Oh! (and “haha!”)


  2. miranoriel said,

    Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 9:01 am

    Jeezum crow. That does indeed suck.

    Gigantorously. 😦

    What did your friend do, aside from want to throw the laptop under a semi?

  3. Louie said,

    Sunday, June 15, 2008 at 9:44 am

    He bought a normal-sized Gateway.

    Boy must be a glutton for punishment. I have yet to meet a Gateway that I didn’t hate within an hour…

    Sure is a pretty machine, though.


  4. Robin said,

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008 at 10:40 am

    What and where did you bought your power adapter? My cousin also have the same problem, the power adapter just died.



  5. Mike said,

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 12:40 am

    HP Philippines has the worst service center!

    I bought an HP Pavillion dv8 tx1002 in singapore last November 2009and after 1 1/2 months of use, The hard drive broke down. Since it was barely 3 months old at the time, it was definitely still under warranty.I had it serviced at the customer service center at Sen. Gil Puyat, Makati City.

    I was informed by their incompetent agents that it will take at least a week to fix the problem. After a week passed i called them up to inquire about my laptop. I was informed that it will take another week to fix the problem because of shipment, repair, etc. So I waited another week. After the second week passed, I called AGAIN to inquire about my laptop. Again I was informed that it will take another week to fix the problem because of some lame excuse. It took 3 WEEKS just to replace the hard drive.

    That’s not all! when it was returned to me I noticed that most of the drivers for my operating system is missing. Also, The recovery manager for my laptop was gone.

    You’d think that would be the end of my experience with their customer service. Well, you’d be wrong.Barely 7 days have passed since the return of my laptop and I’ve been experiencing major slowdown of my system whenever it was in battery power. So again I had it serviced at that poor excuse of a service center they have. In fairness, they said that it would only take 3 days to fix the problem. After the 3rd day, I went there to pick up my laptop. I didn’t really trust them after all the trouble they gave me so I tested my laptop infront of their agent named “NAD”. Lo and behold! the problem was still there. I was like ” what is this! you didn’t fix anything”. Nad made an excuse which I didn’t really understand since he was contradicting himself the whole time. I wasn’t even listening anymore after 5 minutes since their customer beside the table I was sitting in was being harrassed by their “senior agent”. In the end, nothing was fixed and I came home with a very terrible experience.

    So bottom line is that if you are a filipino, NEVER EVER buy any hp product. This is the best option in order to avoid their service center.

    HOWEVER, if you’re unlucky enough to purchase one of their products and you have no choice but to go to their service center. I advise you to expect the following:

    1) Expect that they won’t call you even though it states in their contract with you that they will.

    2) Expect that they will make you wait a looooooong time before your product is returned to you

    3) Expect that they won’t fix the problem with your unit. If they do fix something, it will be medioce at best.

    4) Expect that they will make excuses why they can’t fix your unit.

    5) Expect that you’ll be harassed and made a fool off by their service agents.

    5) Expect that you will be traumatized by this experience.

    You have been warned…

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